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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bananas is Contagious - Todd Has It Too

A close friend of Ray Comfort's has blessed us with another example of pure critical thinking. Listen as Christian radio motormouth Todd Friel discusses Pyramid Power on the Way of the Master Radio show. As a crazy coincidence, his story contains bananas, making it eligible to be posted here. It was preceded by a discussion about spoonbending, that also hinted that demons are involved, but we all know that that makes perfect sense.

Pyramids, them has demonz

This reminds me of another story from a "believer" I read over at Ray Comfort's blog ages ago. I think it was user verandoug who recalled her run-in with demonic powers as she was playing light as a feather, stiff as a board when she was a young girl. According to her, demons had to be involved in that event, nothing else could explain it. 

These are only two examples, but it frightens me to think that when people encounter a counterintuitive occurrence, they decide that it's either Jebus or the Debil who's behind it and judge the event accordingly. This effectively barricades any trail of inquiry that could help them get more in touch with reality. When you have belief you apparently don't need any further knowledge, effectively keeping you, well, ignorant.

Don't go bananas, it won't let you go.

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