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Monday, June 30, 2008

Ray Goes 'Nanners'

Ray lies about quote-mining, and now misrepresents the skeptics argument against his stupid banana example, which he now calls proof and not proof. He uses the coke can/banana bit as the old "watchmaker" argument....if it looks designed, it is! Here he tries to make it sound like we've removed his example of the coke can. For anyone unfamiliar with the banana debackle, watch this:

A skeptic writes, "Referring to your video where you said that the existence of ridges on a banana that matches your hands, is proof that God exists. Since Apples don't have ridges, is it proof that God does not exist? Or that God did not create the Apple?"

This is a perfectly legit question given Ray's "proof" where he claims the creator shaped the banana to make it most easy and pleasurable for us to eat. I would have gone with a more painful fruit to deal with as the video I will post (and most of you have already seen, I'm sure) demonstrates. Now Ray, angry that he is always shown to be the one lying, misrepresenting and, well, being himself, so he tries (constantly I might add) to make it look like atheists misrepresent him too. Does he succeed? While you already know the answer, let's find out!

Ray responds,

"Thanks to Youtube I realize that I will have to say this over and over. Many times I have compared a banana to a coke can (with its tab at the top, etc.) using something called "parody." This is arguably a humorous way of making a point. Atheists removed the coke can and said that I believe that the banana is proof that God exists. In doing so they did a good job and making a monkey out of me. The banana isn’t proof that God exists--the whole of creation proves that there’s a Creator. This includes apples, oranges, pears, peaches, apricots, grapes and other succulent fruits that God has placed into our hands. They didn’t come from a big bang. That is mindless. They came from the creative genius of a benevolent and holy God, who also gave you life itself, and eyes to look at that which He has so kindly lavished upon you. "

Ray "made a monkey" out of himself just doing the video, we aren't doing it by pointing it out. He claims that we misrepresent his infantile design argument by leaving out the coke can...the writer was simply trying to get you to extend it to other fruits, i.e., do the same with another fruit. This was done so the argument can be brought out to a reductio ad absurdum where we get to a fruit that is simply a pain in the fucking ass to open and we show how stupid the banana bit is. Ray, please, as we have to explain "over and over", we get the whole 'coke cans are designed, they have "pull tabs", banana's also have "pull tabs", so they too must be designed' bit. We get it. We're just not impressed by it. You know why, Ray? BECAUSE HUMANS DOMESTICATED THE GODDAMN BANANA, THAT'S WHY. ALONG WITH THE OTHER FUCKING FRUIT THAT YOU LIST. Jesus Christ, take a fucking horticulture course. I picture Ray in batman jammies, with a sippy cup full of chocolate milk, thinking that right before God placed Adam and the rib woman in "the garden", He was busy planting citrus trees and working on that "pull tab". Has anyone explained to Ray how babies are born? I'm worried that he wonders, with all the babies around, why he hasn't seen any damn storks flying around. Can someone please point him and everyone else to the video below (not that he hasn't seen it), and give an explanation of how we domesticated the banana??? Also, I'm getting sick of Ray writing "the whole of creation proves that there’s a Creator". Yes, Ray, if in fact this is a "creation" you would be right that there would need to be a creator, by definition. Let's go ahead and establish the whole "creation" thing first and then we'll follow you to the conclusion. Fruit ain't gonna cut it. Is he so stupid...nay, did he think we are so stupid that we don't know how the fruit we buy at Walmart got to be the way it is today? Christians, he is insulting your intelligence, and his theology gives you very little reason to believe in his god, as you'll see in the video below.
For any theists out there, or anyone for that matter, who read

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