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Monday, June 30, 2008

Dr. Ray Comfort, L.D.

Atheists, according to Ray, we are a "primitive", "particularly proud" bunch, who erroniously think we are "related to Gorillas" and "originally came from a puddle of mud". While we thought we "knew everything", we are in fact "so primitive in [our] thinking" that we "only believed in what [we] could see". All the while, we are completely unaware of "the deadly disease that was killing" us which is "promoted by [our] filthy lifestyle". Ray had a dream that he was a doctor (which could only happen in his dreams) who's job it was to "innoculate" us-"to hold still while I plunged a needle into [our] tender flesh". But he must be careful because we are, afterall, "particularly vicious by nature".

How wise Ray is...almost makes an idol out of himself doesn't he? Which in his business, is rather foolish. Will he start referring to himself as "He" on his blog, and force everyone who comments to capitalize "he". Or, in Ray's case, do we need to capitalize the "e" as well? So it should read, "doesn't "HE". In any case, we all need to trust in Ray's interpretation of Holy Writ. Afterall, with the "filthy lifestyle" of thinking, and reading, and being all moral, we really need guidance! What a primitive bunch, questioning and demanding evidence. We're a bunch of cavemen! Now, should we be like preachers or like laypeople? If like preachers, I suppose we should rob from the poor to make ourselves rich and pretend like we talk to the lord and wear funny hats so we appear all powerful-like. Or if like laypeople, should we just unquestioningly accept all the dogma and idiocy (like the banana bullshit) that will fit down our gullet, and keep stroking the checks? Would that be a 'clean lifestyle'? Filthy! I may say 'fuck' on here, but thats far less "filthy" than the lies and deceit that people like Ray Comfort spread.

Also, is anyone else terrified when religious people talk about "innoculating" people? Get in line for your booster: 1 cc of sodium Jesuthol...or was it 'gerin oil'?

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