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Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Family Friendly Game from Ray Comfort - Spot the Christian!

Richard Gunther, who supplies illustrations for Ray Comfort's banana shippings, has provided us with wonderful art that is now featured in a brand new family friendly game, called Spot the Christian. The goal in the game is to find the good Christian person who is lost in the river of infidels because they're often outwardly almost indistinquishable! Richard Gunther in his art has captured the essence of the phrase "appearances can be deceiving"!

The game is fully endorsed by Ray Comfort and his sheeple advisors, and it has been extensively playtested and adjusted to not be too frustrating for any player. It is a bit difficult at first, and you might have to take a couple of tries to actually unlock the secret of the game (hint: close your eyes and pray real hard is good start). This game, going against the grain among other Comfort-able publications, is actually free for you to own! You can view the entire masterpiece by clicking on the image below!

How amazing is that! Praiiiizzzee Jebuzz! Once you have finished the game, you can hand it to your child or anyone you dearly wish to play shuffleboard with in heaven, so that they can easily recognize the people they should be socializing with!

Download now for hours of faithful fun!

Disclaimer: LivingWaters and Ray Comfort take full responsibility if you turn into a close-minded drone due to using or acquainting yourself with any of their products, because that's what they're designed to accomplish.

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