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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lighten Up Youself, Jackass

So, Christianophobes, lighten up. You may think that we are wolves in sheep’s clothing, but we’re not. We are not out to kill you, or bite you, or hurt you in the slightest. We love you, and our deepest desire is for you to find the gift of everlasting life, and you will only find that by following the Good Shepherd.

Ray, we aren't afraid of you Christians, per say. There are dangerous people of all mindsets, and Christianity is not without its violence. I have no doubt that there are bad atheists as well; but I highly suspect there are more degenerate Christians than atheists. We atheists and agnostics are afraid of the message you Christians spread and the lies that you have to force on us in order to protect it and perpetuate it. Prime example:

We live in a world where...so-called rational people believe that we are related to primates, and call such unfounded imaginations "science."

The Bible says that when we come to Christ we receive a "sound" mind. Until then, the insane live on undiagnosed.

Think about what He did for you on the cross. Trust Jesus Christ--give Him total control, and you will have the ultimate promise from God "who cannot lie." He will save you from death.

This is nutty as squirrel turds. Read On!!!

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